Information Assurance powers Trusted Visibility

Developed in partnership with the US Air Force, Westlight AI's information assurance technology combines
portable file encryption
AI-powered behavioral analysis
tools typically found in endpoint detection and response (EDR) products

technology enables
complete mapping
of data files,
to appropriate stakeholders on file events (or lack thereof), and provides implicit and
automatic data security

The system works
alongside existing
AEC software and network infrastructure deployments

Complete Information Visibility

Ensure all project stakeholders are operating with the most current, most accurate information, even when data changes are occurring outside of cloud platforms

Implicit Security

Trusted Visibility implies data integrity and security

Through portable file encryption techniques and advanced AI behavioral models, Westlight AI automatically protects project information in every location, including unmanaged endpoints that are commonly found at subcontractors

Prevent data exfiltration and leaks of sensitive project plans using Westlight AI

Enabling Trusted Visibility

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